Well it has been a while since posting here! Life has gone through many changes and from our slice of the world much of it has been positive. Like many others we were caught in a tailspin for a few weeks but since then we have been very busy with work on top of the usual Spring rush of all things yard related. Projects to be more organized and cleaning up old clutter have kept us busy while inspiring new directions for our art work. We feel so blessed to be where we are and continue on our path sharing this place with our guests and connecting to our customers online as well as locally at our Saturday market. We send our loving energy your way with this reminder of the wonders of this universe we find ourselves in….

North America Nebula 


After a significant pause I was finally able to get out to the telescope the night before and capture this image of M106. After rebuilding the astroshed computer and reloading software this was the first actual run so there were a few bugs to work out. The same goes for my desk computer were I processed this image after reinstalling software and getting things set up again. It never fails to amaze me that while looking at one galaxy, there are several other galaxies photo-bombing! The night sky is a constant reminder of our place in the universe and how precious our existence is here on this pale blue dot.

New video is up!

Been a while since I did a demo video. New gear, new software, same old guy running the show. T-shirts are available in our online store now!
And cool coffee mugs as well!

This video shows just half of what goes into our Hummingbird Feeders!
Check them out in the store here:


“The Anatomy of a Vortex Marble” is one of our new offerings for print on demand swag. Available through both our Etsy shop and the new Shopify store here https://store.aspenhotglass.com/collections/designer-t-shirts-and-swag

         My background is chemical engineering so when I left Seattle and started working at a laser company in Bozeman, Montana I had some art training but not the graphic design skills for print advertising. After I drew a schematic of how a printed circuit board works the owner of the company wanted me to create their print advertising in the same format. He sighed me up for classes through Web Moneky a place I learned Photoshop, web design and graphics design. Now that Bill and I have a little slow time (January and February are a very slow time of year for our business, no one buys glass art because of a Christmas hangover LOL) So lately I have spent an embarrassing amount of time designing t-shirts and loving every minute of it. It is very right brain of me. Bill came up with a concept of the Anatomy of a Vortex Marble (his signature blown glass art piece that he creates is a Vortex marble), I designed the concept on the computer and made it like an old school schematic. It was a fun husband and wife collaboration. This design was also inspired by Everyday Astronugt who designed a t-shirt with the break down of one of Space X’s rocket engines, Elon claims it is one of his favorite t-shirts. Bill and I both have backgrounds in the high tech avionics industry and we love Everyday Astronut and Elon who inspire us. They are awesome. We hope you have an awsome day ~ cyber huggies, 


Welcome to the Updated Website It’s 2020! Can you believe it? The past year has seen a lot of change in our lives here in Montana. My daughter graduated from the University of Montana with a physics degree and she has a puppy to keep her (Us!) busy while she focuses on her next step in life. We had an awesome professional video done for our vacation cottage including drone shots. And we had a personal loss in the family which has had us focusing all the more on what is important to us. To all of our friends and customers we wish you the very best for the new year!

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