“Creating Love and Harmony one piece
at a time”

Bill and Rae Grout working together as Aspen Hot Glass create hand blown glass art including vortex marbles, hummingbird feeders, PixieOrb ornaments, jellyfish pendants, shot glasses, cabinet knobs, ornaments, sculptures and more. Steampunk and fantasy themes are brought to life through wirework and mixed media collaboration with our glass work.

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We are full time artists from Corvallis Montana.

 “We are science geeks to glassblowers”. We both have technical backgrounds in the high tech avionics industry but left the corporate world to focus on our creative interests in a rural paradise. Hand blown glass art remains our cornerstone.

Bill became a full time artist and started blowing glass in 1993 and Rae left the corporate world in 2002 to be with Bill and become a glassblower. In 2016 Rae began incorporating metal working, dragon attire and Steampunk designs into their glass art. Many of our creations are a true collaboration of our combined talents, while the day to day support of each others individual creativity allows us to continue producing unique art. From Rae’s Punk shop, our Torch shop, the Big shop and the Brew house with the electronics wing, we produce our current body of work while planning for the next chapter!

Our farm has fantastic inspirational views overlooking the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, with a constantly changing environment of weather and wildlife. Together we work to incorporate a little bit of love into everything we make. This attention to working from the heart is recognized by our customers as that extra sparkle!


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We create a variety of items each made with attention to detail and workmanship while infused with love and joy.

Sage Cottage Observatory

Sage Cottage Observatory Blog

The Pleiades

We have a modest telescope setup in our yard for astrophotography and I keep a blog running with the images compiled. Click on images to see full scale!