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Bitterroot Mountains from our house. Aspen Hot Glass Handmade glass art by Bill Grout and Rae Grout

© William Grout 2017

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Cabinet Knobs

These cabinet knobs are made with borosilicate glass for durability. They are individually formed without a mold so they will have some variation, but in general I can match these samples well. The standard gage 8/32 brass threaded inserts are glued in place with epoxy for a lifetime of use. 1" screws are included which are commonly sold with cabinet hardware. If your installation requires a different length, they can be easily found at the local hardware store. They are all now available in two versions:

 Click on images for larger picture. Please email me if you have questions.

   Traditional Style

These have a rounded face about 1 1/2” across, and stand off the surface a bit over 1”

   Round Style

These knobs are completely round, and are about
 1 1/4” in diameter


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Red,Black,Amber  DP002

Red,Black,Amber  DPR002

Aqua,Black,Sparkle Blue  DP003

Aqua,Black,Sparkle Blue  DPR003

Green,Black,Tan  DP004

Green,Black,Tan  DPR004

Blue,Turquoise,Tan  DP007

Blue,Turquoise,Tan  DPR007

Red,Amber,Tan  DP009

Red,Amber,Tan  DPR009

Black,White  DP012

Black,White  DPR012

Black,White,Tan  DP013

Black,White,Tan  DPR013

Aqua,Teal,White  DP014

Aqua,Teal,White  DPR014

Aqua,Cobalt, Sparkle Blue  DP015

Aqua,Cobalt, Sparkle Blue  DPR015

Purple,Blue,Tan  DP016

Purple,Blue,Tan  DPR016

Red,White  DP017

Red,White  DPR017

Cobalt,White  DP018

Cobalt,White  DPR018

Forest Green,White  DP019

Forest Green,White  DPR019

Teal,White  DP020

Teal,White  DPR020

Orange,White  DP021

Orange,White  DPR021

Purple,White  DP022

Purple,White  DPR022

Butterscotch,White  DP023

Butterscotch,White  DPR023

Goldenrod,White  DP024

Goldenrod,White  DPR024

Sparkle Blue,White  DP025

Sparkle Blue,White  DPR025

Aqua,White  DP026

Aqua,White  DPR026


Legacy item no longer available through web site